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Bespoke Property Wealth LTD Residential Properties Manchester, , United Kingdom
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This campaign started on August 3, 2021 and will close on December 31, 2021, 12:00 am.
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  • Investor tax relief
  • Investing goal £150,000.00 GBP
  • Current reservations £0.00 GBP
  • Minimum reservation £150,000.00 GBP
  • Open date 08-03-2021
  • Closing date 12-31-2021

Investment return
  • Interest 8%
  • Payback start date 02-2022
  • Invest frequency yearly
  • Term length 1 Years
  • Type

    Residential Rent to Own

  • Phases

    Phase 1

    Phase 4

  • Location


    Greater Manchester

Company overview

Bespoke Property Wealth is a firm run by several property investors and entrepreneurs. Each person running the business has vast experience in property investments and started their multimillion portf.......

Projected return calculator

  • 8%
  • 1 ye
  • £400.00 GBP

Invest summary


We are offering a unique opportunity limited ONLY to Crowdfunding Place investors to provide SECURED FIXED loans to co-funding with our institutional partner's purchase of properties for our tenant-buyers around England. 

We have over 10,000.00 qualified tenant-buyers families waiting for properties, and our aim is to provide them with suitable accommodation which they are able to buy from us in 2-3 years time from signing the contract.


How it Works

Our process is very simple, proven, and secure. 


Bespoke Property Wealth purchase property using own funds and loan from institutional investors


Property is sold to tenant buyer with 2-3 years delayed completion and 5-10% non-refundable deposit paid plus monthly rental payments


Bespoke Property Wealth offering the opportunity to Crowdfunding Place investors to replaced BPW funds with a secured fixed loan over a specific period - 12 /24 / 36 months.


The loan is funded on Crowdfunding Place FCA regulated platform, investors have charges against property up to 70% LTV sold price to tenant-buyer 


After 12 /24 / 36 months loan is repaid to investors together with interest and the tenant-buyer family becoming a homeowners


Crowdfunding Place investors are able to reinvest capital and interest to new offering property loan and make SMILE on another Tenant Buyer Family


Bespoke Property Wealth offering security as follows: 

Second charge up to 70% LTV on the portfolio of properties sold to tenant buyers 

Debentures over company holding a portfolio of the properties sold to tenant buyers

Strict FCA regulation imposed on BPW by Crowdfunding Place platform

Personal Guarantees over BPW directors assets

Fixed interest paid at the end of the loan term

Over 10 years experience of BPW team with successful management of over 150 deals

Market summary



  • Understand the difference between Rent-to-Own and buying or renting the property
  • Understand who the tenant-buyer is
  • Understand the potential of the market in the UK

Rent-to-own is a unique way to purchase the property. It is a combined renting with a purchase.

The process is relatively simple. You pay a small deposit today, and you are renting the property for an agreed period. Afterward, you simply purchase the property with the help of a mortgage for the fixed price from the outset.

The deposit you are paying is far less than a standard deposit required by banks and is usually 5-10% of the property purchase price. However, it can go up subject to your circumstances and landlord requirements. However, the higher deposit will automatically mean a lower rent, so you might be just better off paying more deposits. 

The monthly rent you are paying is standard market rent for similar properties in the area, plus on top, you are paying around 20% of your monthly rent, which goes towards your deposit for a purchase. 

For example, your monthly payment is £1200, and £1000 from it is the rent, and £200 is your capital repayment going towards a deposit for the purchase. However, you are free to make any overpayment that will go towards your deposit. 

The landlord potentially can look at the lower monthly payments if the deposit is high enough, so there is a way to save even more!

The term can differ from one property to the other but usually is between 2-5 years. It is the time during which you are paying your rent together with capital towards the deposit. You are likely to make sure your credit history is getting better through that time, as you should prepare yourself for obtaining a mortgage once the term is over. 

The purchase itself is a standard UK Conveyancing process. You will also likely apply for a mortgage which should be at least six months before the end of term. We are working closely with experienced regulated mortgage advisors dealing with Rent-to-own cases daily who guide you through the whole process of mortgage application until purchase completion. Your purchase price is agreed upon at the beginning of the Rent-to-own agreement. Your deposit for the entire purchase is the amount you paid at the very beginning, plus your monthly capital payments together with any extra overpayment you have done throughout the agreement.

Once you sign a Rent-to-own agreement and move to the property, then you are a tenant-buyer. 

Potential of UK rent to own market. 

Every year over 25% of mortgages are declined for various reasons, most common is not sufficient deposit or income. 

Aspirational future homeowners are left without options to own property in the UK.

Apart from it yearly over 300,000.00 new immigrants are moving to the UK. For the first years since they are new in the country, chances to be approved by mortgage companies are very slim. 

Many new arrivals are professionals with savings and the desire to own family property in the UK. 

Taking into consideration the number of declined mortgages, immigration to the UK, and other factors related to the property market such as the COVID pandemic, there is a large group of people who wish to become Homeowners but they can't. 

From Bespoke Property research we estimate the number of people to be over 4 million. 

On the UK property market, there is a very little number of property companies offering Rent to Own solutions for aspirational future homeowners. 


Rent-to-own is a unique way to combine renting and owning 

To own the property in Rent-to-own you first pay the deposit, then monthly rent with capital uplift, and you are getting the mortgage at the end of the term, and then you fully own the property. 

Between signing the agreement and completion, the person staying at the property is called tenant-buyer.- Future Homeowners. 

The potential of rent to own model in the UK is huge, Bespoke Property Wealth has over 10,000 tenants who are qualified and waiting for properties across the UK. 

For this reasons, we join to Crowdfunding Place platform as rent to own operator and offer investors a unique opportunity to make fixed profits, fully secure and help tenant-buyers across the UK


  • FIXED return 8% Per year
  • Secured against portfolio of residential properties
  • Each property sold to tenant buyer with secured deposit paid
  • Bespoke Property Wealth completed over 100 sales to tenant buyers

Elevator pitch


Bespoke Property Wealth LTD from 2015 is operating rent to own scheme for tenants who has an aspiration to become homeowners. 

Up to date, we secured over 150 properties for our tenant-buyers across the UK with a combined value of over £40,000,000.00

Due to huge demand from tenant buyers, the company actively purchasing new properties, typical standard family home - 3/4 bed semi-detached, detached with an average price of £300,000.00 across the whole of England. 

Bespoke Property Wealth has institutional lines of credit to purchase properties.


Previous investing

£600,000.00 GBP HNW Individuals

Raise source: Angels

£300,000.00 GBP HNW Individuals

Raise source: Angels

£350,000.00 GBP HNW Individuals

Raise source: Angels

£450,000.00 GBP HNW Individuals

Raise source: Angels

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