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Q. Test FAQ ?

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Q. hello?

Groupfund is a fundraising service platform that provides people who want to raise money an avenue to create, launch and broadcast their campaigns. tubestart is also used by people to find inspiring campaigns from across the world that they can align with.Groupfund is a fundraising service platform that provides people who want to raise money an avenue to create, launch and broadcast their campaigns. tubestart is also used by people to find inspiring campaigns from across the world that they can align with.

Q. How much does Indiegogoclone cost?

Joining Indiegogoclone is free however, there is a standard platform fee levied on any funds raised through the platform, which is 3.5% of funds raised if you meet your goal or 6.5% if you do not meet your goal.

Q. Do you recommend connecting with Facebook or Twitter?

Yes, we do! It's a simple way for anyone to log in to Indiegogoclone.


If you're a campaigner, it's a great way to let backers know a little bit more about you. It's an easy way to show backers you're a real person. You may also edit the privacy settings of your Facebook or Twitter account to control what your guests see.

Q. What is indiegogo clone?

Crowd funding site

Q. How FAQ works

Here is the way FAQ WORKS


The Brabham BT19 is a Formula One racing car designed by Ron Tauranac for the British Brabham team. The BT19 competed in the 1966 and 1967 Formula One World Championships and was used by Australian driver Jack Brabham to win his third World Championship in 1966. The BT19, which Brabham referred to as his "Old Nail", was the first car bearing its driver's name to win a World Championship race. The car was initially conceived in 1965 for a 1.5-litre (92-cubic inch) Coventry Climax engine, but never raced in this form. For the 1966 season the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile doubled the limit on engine capacity to 3 litres (183 cu in). Australian company Repco developed a new V8 engine for Brabham's use in 1966, but a disagreement between Brabham and Tauranac over the latter's role in the racing team left no time to develop a new car to handle it. Instead, the existing BT19 chassis was modified for the job. Only one BT19 was built. It was bought by Repco in 2004 and put on display in the National Sports Museum in Melbourne, Australia, in 2008. It is often demonstrated at motorsport events. (Full article...)


Q. Does Indiegogoclone ascertain a campaign or owner’s claim?

Indiegogoclone does not ascertain a campaign’s or owner’s claims. All claims and responsibilities of each project are its owner’s. People decide a project’s legitimacy or worthiness and decide whether they want to make a donation or not

Q. Google Demodsadsa

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